• Mergers and Acquisitions

Assistance and consultancy at mergers and acquisitions, including declaring the transformation transaction to tax authority in order for transaction to be neutrally treated from tax point of view

Mergers, acquisitions and other sorts of transformations of companies can create great opportunities, as well as certain tax exposure. Both companies and individuals face many complicated tax issues, which often need to be solved in a relatively short period of time. With a lot of experiences in various sectors and as part of one of the largest accounting and consulting networks in the world, our professionals are able to meet the needs of our clients whatever they are. Our tax department can assist you in planning and choosing the optimal transaction as well as in activities performed after the transformation. Our services in the area of transformations include, in particular:

  • the structuring of acquisitions, mergers and other transformations,
  • tax modelling and analysis of tax effects,
  • tax planning of specific steps,
  • tax due diligence, both for the seller and the buyer,
  • consultancy services after transformation,
  • analysis of costs of transaction.