• Labor Law

Review of existing and drafting of new employment contracts and internal labor law acts

In Slovenia it is possible to work based on different legal bases, which is why it is extremely important for the employer to choose the right one considering also the kind of work to be performed. Labor law, taxation of individuals and inclusion of workers into compulsory social insurance are areas which are closely related; however adequate preparation of labor law documents is important also for the correct treatment when including the worker into the working process, for avoiding labor litigation or for successful passing of labor and tax inspections. Sectoral legislation and collective agreements govern most of workers' rights; however, the employer has to regulate some other rights and obligations in internal acts.

Our specialists review your existing internal act or draw a new one. They prepare employment contracts, secondment agreements, other civil work contracts, internal regulations and other labor law documents all in accordance with the relevant legislation and the actual situation or they advise you on what would in specific situation be the most appropriate solution. Legal acts are prepared comprehensively, taking into account all relevant areas of law: labor law, taxes, social contributions and other.