BDO International Business Compass

23 January 2017

Orginal content provided by BDO Germany


The BDO International Business Compass was first developed in 2012 in collaboration with the renowned Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), and is being published for a fifth time in 2016. 

Most companies have a desire to act globally. This is a big step for many and, although it entails great opportunities, it can carry high risks that require careful assessments which are time consuming and costly. The BDO Compass is a unique web tool that provides a means to evaluate the overall social and economic development of countries and regions, ultimately making it possible to rank countries in terms of their investment potential. The Compass is also available in pdf format, both a full Report and a Summary version

The data the BDO Compass provides is of particular relevance to companies who act globally or who have ambitions to grow across borders. In addition to providing an overall classification of 174 countries worldwide, including an assessment of the general suitability of each country as a potential market or production location, the BDO Compass web tool also makes it possible to compare two countries within the same period, or with respect to the previous year.


BDO International Business Compass!